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Raising public awareness of the essential work done by Minnesota Adult Protection Services (APS) is an important effort for both DHS and our county partners. Providing transparency and helping folks understand what APS is, what APS does, and what to expect from APS can build trust and strengthen relationships between APS and the communities we serve. Public awareness also encourages reporting by the public and mandated reporters to the Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center (MAARC) when an adult who may be vulnerable is suspected of experiencing abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation. Reporting to MAARC by the public and mandated reporters is important to discover adults who are vulnerable and experiencing maltreatment so APS can engage with the adult and their supports to stop, prevent, and reduce risk of maltreatment to improve the safety and dignity of adults in our communities

The video links below can be used by counties for education and outreach for the public on who is a vulnerable adult, what may be maltreatment, and how to refer adults who may be in need of APS by reporting to MAARC.  

Dancing Sky AAA Webinar Series

Recorded Webinars


Recorded February 6, 2024

Isolation And Why It Matters


Recorded November 15, 2023

Winter Weather Preparedness

Recorded June 19, 2023

Age Friendly Panel Discussion

Recorded May 25, 2023

Stroke and Heart Health

Recorded April 20, 2023

Age Friendly 101                 Age Friendly 101 PowerPoint

Recorded April 19, 2023

NSI Nutrition Information

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