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Assisted Transportation

Recognized by many names — escorted transportation, hand-to-hand, elbow-to-elbow, door-through-door or door-to-door service, etc. — assisted transportation’s basic premise is the provision of assistance to a rider who requires support to travel safely.  

Assisted transportation programs are intended for those requiring guidance or an extra hand to accomplish everyday tasks. The level of assistance provided is determined program by program. For example, some programs accommodate folding wheelchairs, and others will only transport riders who are ambulatory.

Access to this type of help can mean the difference between
an older adult or a person with a disability successfully
remaining in his home and community and premature
placement in a facility.

If you would like help finding assisted transportation
in your area call the Senior LinkAge Line at (800) 333-2433!

Click the counties below to see a list of transportation
options from

For the most up-to-date list of transportation options available in your county, visit

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