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At the Dancing Sky Area Agency on Aging, our vision for
the people of Minnesota is simple:


Together, our older adults and communities thrive. When older adults thrive,
their communities benefit, and thriving communities benefit older adults. We
believe that both the individual and the community have an important role.

With individuals, we are working to increase knowledge, access, and acceptance
of services for older adults and caregivers. When people know about the services
available, have access regardless of where they live, and are welcoming of them,
older adults and communities thrive.

With our communities, we are working to instill the values of dignity, service, and collaboration. When the community values older adults and caregivers, addresses
their needs through comprehensive services, and works together to provide
better service, older adults and communities thrive.

Dancing Sky Area Plan

Our Area Plan serves as the contract with the Minnesota Board on Aging and includes a population and geographic profile, goals and objectives, budget and organizational information. 

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