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Pre-Admission Screening


A Pre-Admission Screening (PAS) is required for anyone seeking admission to a MN Medicaid nursing facility regardless of length of stay or payer source.


The Senior LinkAge Line® (SLL) securely receives the form that health care providers complete on-line at, and review this to determine if the individual meets the level of care criteria and if further face-to-face screening is needed by county social workers, public health nurses, or health plans. SLL offers follow-up support services to individuals discharging back to the community.

Who needs a Pre-Admission Screening?

State and federal law require anyone who is entering a Minnesota Medicaid (MA)‐certified nursing facility, hospital “swing bed” or certified boarding care regardless of length of stay or payer source needs a Pre-Admission Screening (PAS) completed on his/her behalf.

Who can submit a Pre-Admission Screening?

Only a qualified health care professional can request a PAS. When submitting the PAS via the online referral site, the submitter can use the drop-down list and select the provider type and role of the submitter. Those who can use this form include:

  • Hospital physicians, nurses, discharge planners/social workers and delegates;

  • Clinic physicians, nurses and delegates;

  • Nursing facility nurses, social workers and delegates.

For more information see the Minnesota Board on Aging PAS Fact Sheet.

To learn more about Pre-Admission Screening contact the Senior
LinkAge Line at (800) 333-2433!

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