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Living Well with Chronic Pain


What is Living Well with Chronic Pain?


Chronic pain is often defined as any pain lasting more
than 12 weeks. Whereas acute pain is a normal sensation
that alerts us to possible injury, chronic pain is very
different. It persists, often for months or even longer. 


Having a chronic pain can make life a challenge but
you can learn to live well!

Living Well with Chronic Pain classes will help you
discover practical ways to live better and healthier. 


Participants learn about effective, non-pharmacological
strategies for symptom management and general
wellness by using action-planning, brainstorming
and problem-solving to identify and pursue goals
for health and life. 


Each session includes six, two and a half hour, classes 
for a small group led by two trained facilitators.


This nationally recognized program was developed
by Stanford University Program Administrator, Kate Lorig.


During the class, participants learn:

  • Techniques to deal with frustration, fatigue, pain, isolation and poor sleep

  • Exercises for maintaining and improving strength, flexibility and endurance

  • Appropriate use of medication

  • How to communicate effectively with family and health care professionals

  • Proper nutrition

  • How to evaluate new treatments

  • Pacing activity and rest



Who Should Attend Living Well with Chronic Pain Class?

The program was designed to benefit community-dwelling older adults who:

  • Have a primary or secondary diagnosis of chronic pain (e.g., pain lasting longer than 3 to 6 months or beyond the normal healing of an injury)

  • Have chronic musculoskeletal pain (e.g., LBP), fibromyalgia and/or neuropathic pain

  • Are able to engage in group discussion

  • Feel socially isolated and/or depressed due to pain

This class is not appropriate for individuals who will disrupt group dynamics
or for those acutely incapacitated by severe illness or physical limitations.

To find out more information about these services call the Senior LinkAge Line at (800) 333-2433!

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