Living Well with Diabetes


What is Living Well with Diabetes?


Chronic diseases such as diabetes are among
the most common of all health problems in the
United States.


Diabetes can make life a challenge but you can learn to live well!

Living Well with Diabetes classes will help you discover practical ways to live better and healthier. 


Sessions include six, two and a half hour, classes for a small group led by two trained facilitators.

This nationally recognized program was developed by Stanford University in partnership with diabetes patients, diabetes nurse educators, nutritionists and diabetologists.


During the class, participants learn to:

  • Manage symptoms

  • Communicate effectively with health care professionals

  • Lessen frustration

  • Fight fatigue and pain

  • Eat healthy and monitor blood sugar

  • Build confidence

Areas not covered during this program are the physical process of glucose monitoring, discussion of patient-specific medications and insulin injection.

Who Should Attend Living Well with Diabetes Class?

The program was designed to benefit community-dwelling older adults who:

  • Have Type 2 Diabetes*

  • Have comorbid chronic conditions

  • Have rising health risks

  • Are lonely or fearful

  • Have comorbid depression

This class is not appropriate for individuals who will disrupt group dynamics
or for those acutely incapacitated by severe illness or physical limitations.

*Patients with Type 1 Diabetes are better suited for
Living Well with Chronic Conditions classes

To find a class near you check out our calendar or for 
more information about this educational program please 
contact Carol Bye at (218) 745-9104!